Jewish Enough? - Secular vs Religious

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24 Responses to “Jewish Enough? - Secular vs Religious”

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  20. Marshall Says:

    Religion is a primary part to being Jewish. Following Torah and keeping the commandment set by Hashem, blessed be he. I prey for all jews to keep succot and mitzot which will bring moshiach in a pleasent way. If Israel doesn’t do these things moshiach will come with bloodshed and hard times, as it is writen. The time of moshiach is very close. I would hate to see my people suffer any more, and the only way to end it is to turn to G-d and keep Torah.

  21. Don Says:

    The real question comes down to whether one believes in God and puts God first in their lives or thinks instead, that they are the center of the universe.

    Traditions and rituals may or may not be a part of that but aren’t the main thing…it’s where the heart and faith is…

  22. John Says:

    i belive that every one does have a say as to how jewish they are, that it is not the opinion of others. However the traditions and teachings in the synagogues and in the bible tell us what we need to do in order to become jewish so really being jewish is only up to how nuch the person cares about following scripture or keeping the commandments.

  23. Elizabeth Says:

    I don’t look down on people who do not observe the way(s) I do. However, I almost feel bad for those who say they only observe “main events” in the Jewish year. Judaism is a lifestyle and some sort of series of observances. These people seem unsure. I feel that ritual, though obviously with intent and not just by rote, is the basis of Jewish culture; it keeps us going. The past is part of our future for our good; it is not our job to step in and judge what we “don’t need anymore”.

  24. Karenne Says:

    I don’t like the idea of another person standing in judgment of the depth of my faith. I don’t even like the title of this video, although I understand it’s intent.

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